Love Yourself: Empowerment

There is a world’s worth of distance between loving and believing in yourself and being a narcissist.

When I or anyone else urges you to love yourself first, then extend that love and care to others, realize that without a doubt that neither you nor I can be disgusted with ourselves and come from a place of love for others. Your own vessel must be filled for you to be able to effectively and consistently pour kindness upon others.

If you can’t believe in yourself, in your mission to better the world, in your own abilities and strengths, in the importance of self-encouragement, then you will likely not be able to lift others up in a meaningful way. The world has always and will always need those who will stand up and encourage others, who will believe enough in themselves to shine, who will feel comfortable enough within themselves to praise the good in others and in our world.

I say all of this to urge you to resist continually rebuffing those who praise you, who think the world of you, who tell you how special you are … those who encourage you to love yourself and to believe in yourself. What if they have been right all along? What if you ARE worthy? What if you ARE so unique that you can have an immensely special contribution? What if you DO have a key for folks to have better lives? What if you CAN make the world a better place with your own brand of love and kindness and goodness?


Be You; Love Yourself; Believe in You; Trust Your Intuition; Go for Your Dreams. You won’t be a narcissist – you will be a fully and truly empowered human being. The change begins with You.

I am sending huge blessings of Love and Light and Joy to each of you who reads this. I believe in you. And I am standing up to say so. –Nancy Rainwater PhD


Happy Birthday, Aries!

Happy Birthday to all ARIES: March 20 – April 19, 2016


Aries Sun Sign Bracelet by Rainwater Designs

Aries SS:!product-page/c1if2/6b6778b4-c626-c00d-972c-b138d85e3f07

My process for the SunSigns:!sun-sign-bracelets/ckx6

My creative process:!process/c1dr0

Aries is a Masculine Fire sign, ruled by Mars, the active, fearless planet. The Aries is typically a Pioneer and/or Warrior: a courageous, energetic, creative, independent, self-confident go-getter! You can be impulsive and aggressive.

Parts of body ruled by this sign: head and face, so take care of this area of your body. Aries rules First House (one of the Houses of Life) of the self, personality, and vitality.

The crystals, materials, and colors that make up this bracelet have been intuitively selected, cleansed, and blessed with the clear intention of bringing wholeness and abundance to the One who wears it each day.

Our bodies respond to the energy of the Universe in crystals and stones of the Earth and to the colors around us. As you open yourself with intention to these energies and vibrations, they will help you connect to your natural self-healing abilities. See yourself as the creator of your own wellbeing, beginning this moment. The following are the intended healing properties of this bracelet, designed especially for the Aries:


  • Support the healing of spiritual wounds
  • Provide grounding and protection during spiritual practice
  • Foster connection with the energy of the Universe


  • Soothe emotional turmoil and anger
  • Provide calming and stability
  • Nurture love and trust in life


  • Support pioneering spirit
  • Encourage reflection and reasoning before action
  • Promote mental clarity


  • Support alignment and clearing of all chakras
  • Aid with self-control
  • Encourage connection with surrounding environment


The following affirmation will assist you along this self-healing path. I exclusively crafted this affirmation for the Aries Sun Sign. Please, repeat these words each day:


“Everything is unfolding as it should. I know and love myself right this moment. I can see clearly, both with my eyes and with my heart. I am surrounded by joy and sweetness. All is well with my soul.”


Some of the semi-precious gemstones specifically chosen for this Aries Healing Bracelet include: Quartz, Turquoise, Red Jasper, Malachite, and Lapis Lazuli.


Note: As you purchase and receive your Sun Sign Bracelets, please note, these are real gemstones with natural inclusions and variations. Many of them are hand-cut and may vary in size and appearance.

Thank you so much for visiting! -Nancy

Draw a Line in the Sand: Choose Life

All of life is a learning and adapting experience. Every essence of life adapts on a daily basis, not that we notice it in every moment nor do we acknowledge it consciously. Animals learn how to live in the wild and adapt accordingly. Plants even learn about growing, finding water, seeking the sunlight. All adapts. No learning and adapting = no life.DrawLineSandBlog

So … why is it that we bemoan our mistakes? Learning from a mistake is the first step of adapting. Everyone makes mistakes, does things that they wish they hadn’t done, says things they wish they hadn’t said. Everyone.

Have you done something that you cannot let go of? Is it ruining your life? Have you made the same or similar mistakes over and over? Are you ashamed of yourself, of your past? Are you afraid that others will find out what you have done

Time to draw a line in the sand. Remember: no adapting equals no life. You must forgive yourself if you want to truly adapt and live, if you want to contribute to the world and to all of life, and if you want to move forward. You cannot control whether others forgive you, so that cannot be a part of your “must haves” in life. Apologize and/or forgive others if you need to; then let it go.

Another huge part of adapting: moving on and learning a new way to “be.” If you stay in the same place, doing the same things often with the same people, then life will continue to offer up those same lessons. So, you must learn and adapt.

Now this doesn’t necessarily take a bunch of money or even help from anyone. What is does require is clear thinking, a decision to change direction, to change the way you are thinking. And, are you ready for this? You must actually love yourself, believe in yourself, and allow you to be your authentic self. No matter what you have done in the past.

Truthfully, this was devastatingly difficult for me. I was so down on myself … so hard to like myself again, if you know what I mean. I could not seem to stop the incessant replaying of all that I’d done, all the mistakes that I had made, all that was wrong in my life, all of those ugly, abusive things that others had done to me. Really hard to turn that off, isn’t it? I realized though that, if I could not like or believe in myself and stop the rehashing, I would never be able to overcome my addiction – in itself an indication that I was not dealing well with my life nor caring for myself. I knew in my heart that I would die an early death.

Take this step: believe in your own worth.

You are here for a reason. You may not believe this truth. It is still true.

Draw a line in the sand of your life, right now. Actually draw a line on a piece of paper and hang it on the wall. Embrace the symbol. Stop going over and over all of it in your mind, trying to fix the outcome by obsessively thinking about it. Lift your head and your heart, forward. Make a list of how to get from here to the next moment and the next. Create your life with positive intent. Breathe. Face forward. Set a couple of clear goals at a time. Believe that you can do this. So many of us have actually taken these steps; you can, too.

I won’t say that it will necessarily be easy. It may take a while. Others may doubt you. You may have your own enormous doubts. However, I can honestly say that the effort will be worth it. I wouldn’t be here writing this if I hadn’t stepped out of where I was – I literally saved my own life. You can, too.

Learn from your mistakes, then leave them behind. Adapt forward. Make change work for you. Life is right here, waiting for you. Draw a Line in the Sand: Choose Life. I did. You can, too.

Blessings of Love and Light and Joy to you!

Nancy Rainwater, PhD

Pisces Sun Sign

Happy birthday to all Pisceans!! The Sun enters Pisces on Friday, February 19 at 12:34pm EST, this year.


Pisces, the Compassionate Mystic, you are intuitive, emotional, romantic, adaptable, and self-sufficient. You are a poet and a dreamer, but you can be very devoted to a cause.

I feel the Smoky Quartz, the center stone for the Pisces Sun Sign Bracelet, is an extremely important gemstone for the Pisces, brings a grounded essence that helps dissolve negative thought patterns, brings you back to the present moment, and allows calmness.

To design these Sun Sign Bracelets, we begin with the qualities of the individual Astrological Sun Signs to essentially create a general intuitive reading for each Sign. Based upon this reading, we determine the chakras, meridians, vulnerable areas, and emotional challenges that need specific attention within each Sign and focus the properties of the crystals and colors to those areas.

See our Sun Sign Bracelets here!
Nancy Rainwater, PhD #pisces #astrology #WUVIP

A Time to Review and Reconnect

Mercury Retrogrades, appearing to move backward, 3-4 times a year. This diminishes the power of Mercury and seems to cause slowdowns. Our current retrograde period begins tomorrow, January 5 at 8:06 am EST, and goes through January 25. Those are the precise dates, but you may have noticed slowdowns or things not going exactly right or miscommunications, already. I know that I’ve felt the need to clean out shelves and drawers and move stuff around!

The planet Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo; the Third House of communication, daily travel, relatives and neighborhood relationships, self-expression; and the Sixth House of employment, service, health.

Its meaning in astrological terms: planet of mental activities, communication, and intellectual energy; governs perception, reasoning, memory, speaking, writing, contracts, commerce, day-to-day travel, and modes of transportation; adaptability and versatility. So, you can see why Retrograde might have far-reaching implications.

This is a great time to do the following!
– review all kinds of things, including where you are in life
– reconnect with old friends or with past ideas that you haven’t thought about in a while
– revisit past decisions or jobs
– clean up relationships and simply forgive
– clean out the closets, etc
– take some private time to assimilate all that has happened to you and around you over the last several months
– tie up loose ends of all kinds
– design your plans for the next few months

January will not be such a great time to purchase a new computer (or other electronics) or to travel (triple check everything and be patient!) or to sign on the dotted line … for anything.

However, I always see Mercury Retrograde as a wonderful time to be somewhat introspective and to sort of get my “house” in order. Reminiscing, cleaning, planning, researching, reconnecting with myself and others, looking forward in some ways, too. Use the energy of the times to your advantage, stay positive, draw the good to you. Go with the flow! You will feel so much better to move forward and to blaze some trails in February. Plan now to begin some job or goal or dream in the second week of February. That’s my plan!

I hope that this helps and that you have a terrific Retrograde!
-Nancy Rainwater, PhD
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The symbol in this image is similar to the symbol you might see on your birth chart or other type of chart. Whenever you see this symbol by a planet on your birth chart, for example, it means that the planet was in retrograde motion at the time of your birth.


Blessings for the New Year

Top 25 Facebook Holiday Posters to Share

Happy Holidays to you and yours from the members of The Wellness Universe and we hope you enjoy these Top 25 Facebook holiday posters to share.

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Be a Positive Influence

What if I’m right? What if the “Pollyannas” of the world and I are right? What if you could produce more positivity in the world around you if you focused on the Good rather than the negative, mean, degrading stuff? What if? We have certainly seen time and again how one tyrannical, malicious person can tip a crowd, even a country, toward the negative side of the scale. What if you could do the same with positivity? Of course and without a doubt it is just as likely possible, isn’t it?


Have you tried it? Now to be sure, you must stick with it, be consistent and focused over a long period of time. Remember, what you do and say matters, always. Try it.


Start small. Choose a small situation or group of people close to you. See yourself as the key to creating a positive atmosphere. Believe. Look for every single good thing and praise it, acknowledge it, talk about it with positive encouraging words, emulate it, multiply it, be it. Be persistent. Ignore the naysayers – yes, there are almost always naysayers; you will find beginning to be a Pollyanna is not for the faint of heart, but it gets easier the more you think it’s easy. Refuse to be deterred.


It’s not that you are trying convince or coerce anyone – it’s really more that you are being an Influencer. It is not a competition. It’s more of a different way to see the world, a different way of “being.” Influence.


So, before you bash the optimists, conscientiously try being one first. What if the optimists are right? omg. Just think what that could mean for your life, your family, your country, the world.

Praise, encourage, build up, highlight, uplift the Good and Kind and Inspirational and Positive things going on around you on a consistent and persistent basis. Try it. Go for it. What if it works?!

Nancy Rainwater, PhD

When I finished writing this, I turned the TV on and the shooting in San Bernardino was unfolding just a few hundred miles from me, here in California. As I came across the media coverage off and on this afternoon, I wondered if I should wait to do this post until another day. But … then I thought, well, what better time to talk about positivity? It isn’t as if there aren’t bad things happening. It isn’t as if there aren’t people doing atrocious things. The point is that we can instead focus on all the Good, all the good people, all the goodwill … it’s the only way to insure that the Good grows. I want and expect the Good to grow. Go about your day looking for good, for good people, for opportunities to grow the Good. You are always in my thought.

Blessings to you and yours, Nancy

Libra Sun Sign

The Sun moves into Libra, today at 4:21am EDT, so for the next few weeks all of you who are celebrating birthdays have Libra as your Sun Sign. Happy birthday!

LibraSSBracelet copy

Charming Libra, natural ruler of the House of Partnership, approaches life always seeking peace and balance. The exclusive Sun Sign bracelet and necklace support your life in relationship with others and provides for clarity, wisdom, and protection. The design pays particular attention to the sixth and third chakras, the Urinary meridian, and the element of Air.

The center stone is Lapis with Citrine on either side. Focused and steady as you go, Libras!

The bracelets are approximately 7″ in length and the price is $45. If you need a different length, just let me know!

See our website for more information and for the easy ordering process. All major credit cards are accepted.

The Bracelet:

And for a more in depth explanation of the the Sun Sign Bracelets, see this page:

We are glad you are here! If you have any questions, please, feel free to message me here, or email at –

My Buster

Yes, I’m being selfish. And it doesn’t bother me in the least. I miss him, but I would never wish my sweet puppy soulmate back into the suffering he was enduring at the end of his life. Even though I know that he is happily zipping around in nonphysical, I do selfishly miss his little body zipping around here in my house. I miss my little Joy Boy. I miss hugging him. I miss his kisses. I miss his gruffly dreams while he is sleeping. I miss his smiling eyes when we put his beads on him. I miss him playing with his favorite ball toy. I miss his supervising all that happened in the kitchen. I miss his happy barks in the car. I miss everything about him. Buster was in every part of every day of my life for 15 years. He was my child.Buster2000-15

What a wonderful gift I’ve been given these last few weeks, too, though – folks, who could see and who understood my pain of loss, bravely and compassionately stepped up to tell their stories … validating, uplifting, and reassuring. I’m not sure what I would have done without your care and kindness. You see, I’ve never been through something just like this before.

How do you tell the world that your dog was as precious to you as a human child born to a mother? Is that crazy? I’m finding that I’m way not alone. And it’s not crazy. I’m grieving this loss – not to try to hold on to what was – but to try to make sense of what is now. And, surprisingly, I’m getting to know and understand myself better in the process, clarifying even more what is truly important in life and realizing that I have zero desire to be around anyone who belittles someone else’s pain, because no one can truly know another’s pain.

“It was just a dog – not like he was a human child.” Really? “Do you know what atrocities are going on in the world, and you are crying over a dog?” Really?? Well, yes, I’m crying over my dog, because it was unfolding in my living room, in my arms, in my heart. Everyone has the same right to work through their personal pain – whatever it is – and should be able to do so without ridicule. The goal is always to move to a better feeling emotion; we all just get there in our own way and time.

Now, I believe and know that all beings are infinite and eternal, part of All That Is, and that there is actually no such thing as death as we usually think of it. All of our loved ones are continuing. The trick is to get passed the “but they’re not here beside me anymore” part. So, yes, I am wishing that I could hold Buster, right this minute. But, you know what? I’m okay with this selfish desire. I’m okay with reminiscing some, putting all of his photos in order, doing posts in facebook about him, keeping his favorite toys and blankies, letting his bed stay where it is, sharing stories about him, crying now and again and again ….

The truth is that I know his essence is around me. I can feel him. I’ve seen a few flashes of him. The trick to this grieving thing is this: don’t grieve for the rest of your life and don’t stop living your life; instead, honor your loved one by living your best life and use what you learned about love with them to love even more for the rest of your life. Once I stop crying so much, I intend to do just that.

I know for a fact that I’m a better person because I was Buster’s mom. What an honor and privilege. The essence of Buster will forever be a part of me, as I am a part of who he is, too. All of our lives have intersected, haven’t they? That you have read this brings you into the circle, as well.

There is no separating. There is only allowing and continuing.

Blessings to all. Love to all. Joy to all. Peace to all. Hope to all.

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